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Tallo and jobZology Partnership: Finding Purpose, Passion, and Meaning in Careers - Tallo

Tallo and jobZology Partnership: Finding Purpose, Passion, and Meaning in Careers

Read the full Tallo + jobZology partnership press release here

Today, Tallo and jobZology announced an exciting new partnership that will bring jobZology’s patented career assessments into the Tallo platform. With this integration, Tallo’s one million+ users will now be able to connect to training, careers and employment through the use of jobZology’s predictive science, real-time data analytics and digital technology.

As companies and colleges continue to adjust their recruiting practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, finding talent who have a meaningful fit within the workplace has never been more important. Hiring qualified candidates who find purpose, passion, and meaning in the role they’ll be filling within a company will keep them motivated to continuously grow and improve, and ultimately decrease turnover rates.

Through this Tallo and jobZology partnership, employers will gain access to meaningful and insightful data about candidates’ interests and skill sets, assessments based on decades of research and science that predict fit to both the job and culture, and the ability to predictively plan upward mobility. Additionally, Tallo users can leverage jobZology’s assessments to gain career-related self-discovery and personal insights, ultimately connecting with opportunities that match their personal interests and values. Schools and workforce centers will also be able to micro-target talent by arming them with a virtual career guidance platform, predictive recruiting and counseling, and enhanced data that shows career pathway fit.

From Casey Welch, CEO and Co-founder of Tallo: “We’re thrilled to join forces with jobZology at a time when matching individuals with the right jobs, internships and college programs couldn’t be more important. Our partnership with jobZology will continue to provide extensive resources to ensure the next generation of talent has access to the right opportunities. By incorporating real-time data analytics, digital technology and the science of assessments into our workforce solution, our efforts will better support our mission to empower both employers and the next generation of talent to find purpose and meaning in their education and career journeys.”

From Dr. Bryan Dik, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of jobZology: “We know that when learners’ inherent interests and values are in alignment with their chosen field of study and profession, they are likely to find satisfaction and meaning in both their education and their careers. By incorporating jobZology’s scientifically validated assessments and patented algorithms into Tallo’s platform, we’re helping create a better fit among individuals, work environments, universities and employers.” 

What is jobZology?

jobZology empowers people to live with joy and purpose in their education and career lives. jobZology’s PathwayU career guidance platform is powered by an award winning, patented methodology that provides users with self-agency to understand themselves better, understand the opportunities available to them, and make decisions rooted in scientific validation to ensure a great fit. jobZology makes it easier for people to find and live their purpose. jobZology products are used in the education, employer, and consumer markets. 

What is Tallo?

Tallo is an organization dedicated to providing stakeholder connectivity and a complete ecosystem of workforce solutions. Tallo’s virtual workforce platform provides a means for talent and talent seekers to overcome traditional geographic and socioeconomic boundaries and assists in the development, retention, reskilling, and attraction of talent. Tallo provides the only end-to-end workforce talent solution based on an approach of combining science, data analytics, and digital technology. The platform provides data analytics and longitudinal talent tracking capabilities. Over one million Tallo users showcase their skills and accomplishments, connect with post-secondary institutions and companies, and have access to customized career pathways and financial assistance guidance. Tallo users represent more than 27,000 high schools, 4,000 colleges, hundreds of companies, and governmental entities. Tallo also serves a diverse community of users, including 250,000 Black and Latino/Hispanic students and young professionals.

Next steps:

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