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Geographic Preference of Early Talent

We analyzed where over 630,000 high school and college students want to live after they graduate. Here’s what we found:

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Tallo’s Purpose and Meaning Assessment

Help students find a path where they can achieve a sense of purpose and lead a more meaningful and successful life.

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Tallo for College Students

Tallo is an app where college students go to find a career that has purpose and meaning and opportunities that are the best fit.

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Tallo for High School Students

Tallo is an app where students and young professionals go to get discovered by top colleges and companies around the country.

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Tallo for College Admissions

Find out why colleges and universities around the country use Tallo to discover their incoming class find the right students earlier.

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Tallo for Educators and Counselors

Find out why Tallo is the premier platform used by schools across the country for education and career connection.

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Tallo for Corporate Recruiting

Find out how companies across the nation use Tallo to find and attract the right candidates and discover their future workforce earlier.

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