Top 10 Careers for Halloween Enthusiasts

Summary: For those of you who want to keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round, here are 10 careers that let you channel your spooky side.

For those who believe the spirit of Halloween extends beyond the month of October, we’ve rounded up 10 frightening careers that are sure to satisfy fans of ghosts, ghouls, and all things spooky. Whether you delight in drafting frightening tales by candlelight or leading your own event planning business with a horrific twist, there’s a position out there for everyone. You just need to know where to look. Read on to discover 10 petrifying professions to make every day feel like October 31st. 

1. Costume Designer

Let your imagination run wild and design outfits for movies, plays, or theme parks. Costume designers draft and craft costumes for performers, festivals, and more with some choosing to specialize in certain genres and time-periods. A great way to get started could be getting involved at your local community theater and becoming an apprentice with their costume department.

2. Makeup Artist

Show off your inner artist and captivate audiences by bringing their favorite characters to life. While some makeup artists focus on the ordinary, others dabble in the supernatural creating mystifying makeup looks and transforming themselves into aliens, witches, and goblins. Many popular makeup artists learned from following tutorials on social media. Find something that inspires you and practice, practice, practice!

3. Set Designer for Haunted Houses 

Create chilling haunted environments that make people’s spine tingle. Set designers are tasked with planning and building elaborate sets that pull audiences into a spine-chilling story and add believability to any environment. Begin your journey with 3D modeling tools or create a handcrafted diorama using items right from your home.

4. Horror Film Director  

Craft tales of terror and decide how to give audiences the perfect scare. Directors act as the creative lead throughout the entire process, weaving each element together to intrigue and horrify viewers. As long as you have a script and a phone with a camera, you can start making your own films from home.

5. Ghost Tour Guide

Share eerie local legends and scary stories with those looking for a supernatural experience. For those who love all things history, this is the perfect job for you. Dive into the history of the area, uncovering terrifying tales of hauntings and more. Then, prepare to terrify visitors as you explore the rich history of towns and cities.

6. Candy Maker

Create classic Halloween treats or craft your own bewitching recipes. Candy makers appeal to the senses, making unique sweets that capture the essence of the Halloween season. Start your journey with simple recipes online and gradually experiment with new flavors and shapes that are sure to fright and delight.

7. Foley Artist

Foley artists are the folks behind the spine-chilling sounds and eerie whispers we hear in our favorite horror movies. Using everyday objects, they perfect every last squish and crack to bring life to on-screen scares. Begin your journey into the world of foley and conjure up the haunting sounds of Halloween using objects you can find at home.

8. Horror Event Planner

Organize eerie collection events, from ghastly galas to Halloween-themed parties. Channel your inner designer to plan and execute horrifying gatherings that are guaranteed to scare the masses. From business management to interior decoration, this field gives you the opportunity to become well-versed in a wide variety of skills. Start off small by planning Halloween parties for your friends and finding inspiration online and watch as your creations take fright.

9. Horror Novelist

Write stories that keep readers up at night, long after they’ve turned the last page. Horror novelists plunge into the depths of their imaginations and create heart-racing narratives that will scare any reader that dares to enter. Every haunting journey begins with a single thought; let yours unfold and begin your chilling saga today.

10. Prop Designer

Design and produce the tools actors need to turn a horror story into a tangible terror. Their attention to detail amplifies the story’s atmosphere with chilling realism. When a scene requires a haunted mirror or bloody baseball bat, the prop designer makes it a reality. Bring nightmarish objects into the real world by recreating your favorite props at home! 

It’s clear that for some, Halloween is a year-round occasion rather than a seasonal passion. These professions open the opportunity to turn your enjoyment of all things mysterious and thrilling into a thriving lifelong career. If you’re eager to jump right in, the Tallo Community is the perfect starting point.  

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