Tallo Data & Insights

Explore unique insights on the future talent to attract, retain, and cultivate a quality talent pipeline.

Perception Analytics

Understand the gaps in top talent interest, awareness and perception of your company or industry

Compare where your company or the industry ranks among your competitors


Connection Analytics

Close skills gaps and build your talent pipeline with data driven content

Evaluate impact of state investments on educational programs and curriculum



Talent Analytics

Access real-time data on talent attraction, retention, and risk nationwide with detailed transparency into demographics and interests including pathway, education, career, employer, industry, location and more

Manage skills gaps and target recruitment efforts by tracking and predicting talent’s timeframe to workforce


Access data-driven insights to build your future workforce


Government, Workforce, and Economic Development

  • Track and predict talent attraction, retention, and risk in your state
  • Identify interests, awareness, and perception gaps vs. state demand
  • Develop effective content and strategies to close gaps and measure your impact on cultivating, attracting, and retaining state talent
  • Attract new industries and employers
  • Evaluate impact of state investments in educational programs & curriculum


Business / Industry

  • Leverage data to attract, cultivate and retain top talent 
  • Identify talent interests, awareness and perception gaps in your company or industry vs. demand
  • Effective content and strategies for top talent recruitment & pipeline building 
  • Compare top talent interests among your competitors or industry 
  • Measure your engagement impact, track timeframe to hire and convert top talent 
  • Evaluate investments in student programs for outcome effectiveness



  • Track and predict member’s or participant’s career interests, pathways and outcomes 
  • Understand member’s or participant’s interest in employers and industries
  • Showcase program’s ROI to current sponsors
  • Enable sponsor’s recruitment and connection 
  • Increase sponsorship opportunities
  • Report on member or participant connection and activity with Tallo, employers, higher education institutions, scholarships and more
  • Leverage Data to maintain & improve grant funding


Post Secondary

  • Targeted geographic recruitment with insights by region, state, county or high school 
  • Evaluate interests in majors, colleges, careers and geographic areas 
  • Track interest and timeframe for enrollment 
  • Compare interests, applications and acceptance among your competitors
  • Understand and track state attraction, retention and risk vs. enrollment gaps
  • Identify employer and industry interests to enable career services



  •  Identify and track student’s pathway, education, career, employer and industry interests 
  • Understand student’s connection and activity with Tallo, employers, higher education institutions, scholarships and more
  • Track geographic interests nationwide to predict and prevent brain drain
  • Evaluate investments in programs for outcome effectiveness 
  • Track and assess student progress, personality, interests and skills to facilitate more effective career instruction or exploration

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