7 Ways to Kick-Start Your Tallo Profile

So you’ve just created a Tallo student account. Good move! But now — as you stare at your blank profile page — you’ve got a bit of writer’s block.

No worries. Here are 7 quick steps to help you kick-start your profile;

Upload a profile pic

This one is super simple. Swipe through your photos and pick your favorite. Your profile pic should reflect your personality, but it should also be professional (so, maybe skip the Snapchat filters here).

Fill out the basics

Now that you’re off and running, go ahead and plug in the basics. Adding your address will help organizations locate you, and including your demographic information may qualify you for certain opportunities and scholarships.

Add your Next Step

What’s on your horizon? Planning on learning a trade? Going to college? Serving in the military? Add whichever Next Step fits you best! We know plans change, so you can always change your Next Step at any time.

Include your standardized test scores

Tallo allows you to share your scores from a wide variety of widely-recognized tests, including the ACT, SAT, NOCTI, and even AP tests! These scores are important information, and will help colleges, universities, and organizations decide if you’d be a good fit for them.

Show off your Accomplishments, Extracurriculars, and Experiences

But of course, there’s way more to you than just test scores! Now is your time to shine. What experiences and accomplishments make you stand out? What are you most proud of? Don’t be modest! Even if you don’t think it’s relevant, include it anyway. You never know what organizations may be looking for.

Upload a video of you being you

People can learn a lot about you by reading your profile, but a video lets you showcase your skills, talents, or anything which can’t be conveyed by words alone. Whether it’s a championship game, your violin recital, or how handy you are with a monkey wrench, let the camera roll!

Add projects and other documents

Did you know that you can upload files to Tallo? This is a great way to let others see the great work you’ve accomplished. It could be a resume, a research paper, a class project, or even a certificate or license that you’ve earned. Sharing these are a great way of rounding out your profile.

Remember, this is just to get you started. Like most things, the more you put into your Tallo profile, the more you’ll get out of it. Do your best to fill out your profile as completely and accurately as you can. The best way to get noticed is to make your profile complete, comprehensive, and dynamic!

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