Apply to Jobs and Learn About Careers in Agriculture and Food

My Career Connections: Apply to Jobs and Learn About Careers in Agriculture and Food

When it comes to critical industries, agriculture is at the top of the list. Without it, we wouldn’t have food, clothes, or even fuel. has a singular mission to connect students with careers and future opportunities in the agricultural and agricultural-adjacent industries, including farming, manufacturing, robotics, veterinary healthcare, and more. That’s why they’re a perfect fit for My Career Connections, a series of events where you can learn from and get in front of some of the biggest companies, businesses, and organizations in the country. You also get a firsthand look at some of the roles they have available.

Get the Details About the Session: Apply to Jobs and Learn About Careers in Agriculture & Food

Want a few more deets about the upcoming session? We’ve got you covered. Just a reminder, with My Career Connections events, you can still participate even if you can’t make the entire session. Every informative moment of the day is recorded, so you can get every insight you need to move forward into your career in agriculture. 

About the event:

Agriculture is a critical industry – it provides food, fiber, and fuel for the world’s growing population.   In this session, hear from, the National FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America), and their partners as they connect high school students to open jobs and teach middle schoolers about future opportunities:  

  • Get the Job – Learn how to search, apply, and interview to open jobs, and what to expect! 
  • Make an Impact – Explore careers – and not just farming – think manufacturing, IT/tech, drone flying, robotics, veterinary healthcare, research, education, journalism, engineering, scientist, sales, horticulture, and more!
  • Gain Confidence – Get your burning questions answered and access career tools from and the National FFA Organization 
  • Influence the Future – Learn what you can do NOW to affect the future 

Feed the world with your talent and go beyond what you think you know about agriculture!

Date: Friday, March 24, 2023

Time: 11AM EST and Available On-Demand After Session

Where to Register: 

Connect with Career Coaches During the Event

During the event, we’ll devote an entire segment to working with our Success Coaches. They’ll help you learn the best ways to highlight your skills on your resume, impress a recruiter at your next interview, and make a lasting impression with a company. These timeless skills will follow you throughout your entire career, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to work directly with our Success Coaches.

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