What’s in Your Briefcase: Building a Professional Brand

We get it. Creating a personal brand can be a tedious, confusing job. And many people struggle with knowing where to start.

Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you have an idea of what your brand is but have no idea what to do next. That’s all totally normal. 

On this episode of What’s in Your Briefcase, Tallo Partnerships Director Earnest Womack sits down with Emily Todd, our Education Coordinator, to discuss tips and tricks students should keep in mind to create and elevate their own professional brand! Emily talks about her favorite brands that inspire her, and gives the inside scoop on why building a personal brand is so important. 

“Think about your end goal and what you want to be known for,” suggests Emily. “Think about your legacy and that can help you build that ladder and fill your briefcase with things that will help you along the way.”

We know how important social media is. So, Emily also drops a few gems on how to create a positive reflection of yourself and goals online. She recommends that everyone start with introspective questions like, “Do I have a good reputation? Do people like who I am? Do people know what I want based on what I’m putting out into the world.”

There’s more where this advice came from. A lot more. Check out the video below to see for yourself! And to get started building your personal brand, create your free online profile on Tallo

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