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8 Coolest Internships in the U.S.

For young professionals, internships can be a great many things: a resume-enhancer, a network-builder, and (oftentimes) a smart way to test the waters on a potential career path. They can also be…how should we put this? Boring AF. Let’s face it, getting coffee for the higher ups and filling your days with mindless busywork is often considered the price to pay for getting the valuable work experience you need to break into your industry.

However, not all internship experiences need to be that way. In fact, there are many exciting internship opportunities for those who know where to look for them. 

Want to know how to find an internship where you can really make a difference? Read on to discover eight of the coolest internships you can snag in the United States.

  • Microsoft – For those pursuing careers in technology, Microsoft definitely tops the list of coolest internships. The software giant offers tons of amazing perks, including competitive pay, relocation benefits, free devices, and an epic summer party to conclude their internship program. Although this year’s internship program will be entirely remote due to COVID-19, Microsoft promises that there will be plenty of virtual events and team-building exercises to make up for the in-person experience.
  • Google – Google has one of the most highly-sought-after internship programs in the country, and it’s not difficult to see why. In addition to access to flashy amenities (free food, game rooms, etc.), Google also gives its interns a signing bonus. Yep, they will literally pay you to sign on as an intern. Plus, there will be NO coffee runs. Google is big on making their interns feel like part of a team, and that includes sitting in on important meetings and participating on the same level as other full-time employees.
  • JP Morgan – If you have your sights set on working in finance, scoring an internship at JP Morgan is a great way to launch your career. Besides enjoying amazing views from their New York office on Madison Avenue, you’ll also get the opportunity to work at the largest bank in the United States and do important work. Other JP Morgan perks include a fully-stocked candy shop, a Krispy Kreme station, and (thankfully) a gym to help you burn off the first two.
  • nasa internship work quoteNASA – NASA is one of the coolest internships you can get for one simple reason: you get to freaking work at NASA. As NASA intern, you’ll have the ability to brag about how you played a small role in helping put people back on the moon (which is currently in the works for 2024, BTW). Another low-key benefit of being a NASA intern? You finally have an excuse to rock NASA merch that everyone seems to be wearing these days.
  • Garmin – Tech company Garmin offers a variety of paid internships for IT professionals, engineers, salespersons, and marketers. Along with gaining valuable experience in your chosen field, you’ll enjoy other perks such as paid housing, paid time off, social events, access to fitness facilities, Garmin product discounts, and no dress code. 
  • Kiawah Island Golf Resort – Want to jumpstart your culinary career? Located 40 minutes or so from Charleston, South Carolina, Kiawah Island Golf Resort (KIGR) offers both internship and externship opportunities for budding chefs (check out our blog post, “Externship vs. Internship,” to learn more). Known for its pristine beaches, championship golf courses and diverse culinary options, KIGR will provide one-on-one lessons with their professional chefs and culinary teams to help you refine your culinary talents.
  • NFL – If you’re hoping to kick off your career in sports, consider becoming an intern for the National Football League (NFL). Designed for recent graduates, internships at the NFL will help prepare you for an exciting career in the sports industry. Plus, you may have an opportunity to bump into NFL players, making this internship program undeniably cool.
  • EY – The recruiting team at Ernst & Young (EY) knows the value of diversity in the workplace. The Big Four accounting firm seeks to recruit a diverse range of interns, including neurodiverse individuals and underrepresented minorities. As an EY leverage network internship quoteintern, you’ll be exposed to a variety of responsibilities such as assisting with mergers and learning the firm’s audit processes. Your four-week internship will culminate with their Intern Leadership Conference, a huge celebration that involves team-building activities.

Scoring the Internship of Your Dreams

Are you now wondering how to get an internship in college that will be as amazing as the ones listed above? We won’t lie to you — the coolest internships can also be some of the toughest to get. But if you can leverage your existing network and showcase your amazing talents, you can increase your chances of scoring a memorable internship that pushes your career forward.

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