Scholarship Alert: Tallo’s $500 “Digital Citizenship” Scholarship

In today’s digital age, navigating the vast realms of online spaces has become second nature to many of us. But have you ever paused to reflect on the imprint you’re leaving in these digital worlds? Tallo is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for you to do just that — and potentially get rewarded for your insights!

We’re rolling out the Tallo $500 “Digital Citizenship” Scholarship, a unique chance for you to contemplate your digital footprint and the broader implications of our online engagements. This is your opportunity to potentially secure some extra funds for your education while engaging in meaningful reflection on our digital age’s complexities.


Here are the deets:

  • Prompt: “Reflect on your online presence and activities. Discuss the impact of social media, the pros and cons, and how it impacts your life.”
  • Requirements: Your submission must be original, free from plagiarism, and capped at 1,000 characters.
  • Deadline: Mark your calendars for February 18, 2024. That’s your cut-off to submit an entry that could win you $500 towards your educational journey.
  • Notification: Hang tight after submitting! A lucky winner will be contacted via email within a few weeks following the deadline. Plus, keep an eye on our Instagram @AppTallo for live updates and more!

Ready to share your perspective on digital citizenship? Click below to get started, and good luck!


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