Tallo: Discover Your Professional Orbit for College and Beyond

Hello, College Seekers! Looking for the perfect niche to plant your career seeds? We’ve made some changes around here. You’ll find extra help connecting with scholarships and colleges, as well as internship and job opportunities. Read on for a preview of what’s new in Tallo, where your college quest can become a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

What’s Changed? 

We’ve improved our career exploration tool. Now, it’s an all-in-one place to explore scholarships, internships, entry-level jobs, career journeys, and courses. Additionally, we recommend the best-matched opportunities and scholarships based on your profile and preferences. Still deciding on your major? This can help you narrow down your options that are well-aligned with your interests, passions, and unique skill sets.

Our course recommendation engine has gone through a major upgrade. It’s like your personal career advisor, guiding you on the best courses to stand out. You can access the largest learning content library powered by Stride, ClassCentral, and other leading third-party providers with online courses from 1,200+ universities, 1,000+ institutions, and 80 course providers.

We’ve also made it easier for you to network. Connect with peers and professionals in your field and learn from the best. Colleges and companies can send you a Nudge to introduce their organization or to share an opportunity you may be interested in.

Available Features and Benefits 

Customized Certification Paths: Looking to boost your resume? Our tailored learning paths lead to industry-recognized certifications to make you stand out.

College Prep Content: We’ve got a wealth of resources to help you transition smoothly from high school to college or work.

Professional Networking: It’s a sneak peek into your future career! Connect and chat with professionals and potential employers in your field through special events.

Using the Platform (and what’s to come) 

Designed for ease, the new generation of Tallo interface gives you an overview of your progress, course recommendations, and networking opportunities right on your dashboard. Plus, we’re launching an interview prep center soon that will offer virtual mock interviews and tips from hiring managers. Stay tuned! 

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