Boeing Mentorship Program Powered by Tallo Community

Go for Lift Off: Boeing Mentorship Program Powered by Tallo Community

Summary: A new year and new Boeing Mentorship Program is underway. Community members can connect, engage, and learn with some of the best and brightest in aerospace and aviation.

We’re thrilled to kick off our 2023 Boeing Mentorship Program! Boeing has always been a huge proponent of mentoring the next generation of talent, and this passion extends down through the ranks of Boeing with employees expressing interest in hands-on mentorship experiences.

The new mentorship program is now happening in the Tallo Community. What really makes this experience stand out? Students receive VIP access and can ask questions, request advice, or just gain encouragement from people in the industry they aspired to one day be a part of. Plus, students can connect with Boeing mentors across diverse roles, from aerospace engineers to data scientists and security architects.

“I’m excited about the future of STEM at Boeing, especially in cyber security because it’s really easy for those of us who’ve been here for quite awhile to accept the status quo and accept that change is difficult. I think that bringing fresh STEM talent into the company will help us to challenge what we do and move forward.”
– Baris Paraskeva, 2021 Mentor, Boeing Lead Security Architect,
featured in our 2022 digital mentorship program case study

This is just one of the many amazing mentorship opportunities in store for our Community. Stay tuned for more fantastic mentorship programs like these and connect with peers and talent seekers at Tallo Community.

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