7 Internships for Computer Science Majors

7 Internships for Computer Science Majors

If you think, for some reason, that you won’t have a difficult time finding internships as a computer science major — well, you’re probably right. The computer science field has been in high demand for years and shows no signs of slowing down. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the computer and information technology field is expected to grow by 11 percent from 2019 to 2029.


Still, that doesn’t mean that finding the right opportunity will be easy. Like most CS majors, you probably dream of scoring a high-paying internship at a cool company (hello, Silicon Valley).

Before you submit an application, it helps to know what types of internships for computer science majors are available. Read on to learn more about the best internships for computer science majors — plus, tips for getting that ultra-competitive internship.

7 Internships for Computer Science Majors

Many of the best careers of the future are in the field of computer science — but which career path is right for you? To find out, consider applying for these types of internships for computer science majors:

consider a data science internship

  1. Front-End Engineer Intern – Front-end engineers specialize in user interface (UI) development. They work closely with designers to make websites functional, fast, and beautiful. As a front-end intern, you’ll use a language stack of HTML/JavaScript/CSS and learn how to test/debug your applications. If you’re someone who likes instant gratification, this could be a great internship for you (front-end = easy wins).
  2. Back-End Engineer Intern – While frontend engineers deal with the code that runs in the user’s web browser, back-end engineers handle the code that runs on the server. This could include looking up data, preparing information to be sent over to the browser side, and doing calculations. Back-end engineer interns typically use program languages such as Python, Go, Java, React, Ruby, and SQL. 
  3. Full-Stack Developer Intern – Want to flex your creative side and your analytical side? Consider a career in full-stack development. As a full-stack development intern, you’ll learn how to write code for both front-end and back-end work. On the front-end, you may think about what the user is going to see and how they will interact with the website you create. On the back-end side, you can use your problem-solving skills to make the larger puzzle pieces fit together. 
  4. Data Science Intern If statistical modeling, quantitative analysis, and customer profiling gets you pumped, then you may want to consider a data science internship. As a data science intern, you’ll develop statistical models and draw insights from massive data sets, with the ultimate goal of creating better products and services.
  5. Mobile Developer Intern Mobile developer interns (also known as mobile app interns) work closely with other mobile developers to design, develop, and implement mobile applications. During your internship, you may help build apps for major platforms such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.
  6. Information Security Intern – Security is a super-hot field right now and having this kind of experience on your resume could open you up to a lot of amazing opportunities within the cybersecurity industry. As an information security intern, you’ll help monitor an organization’s networks for security breaches and investigate cybersecurity attacks if/when they occur.
  7. Product Management Intern A lesser-known internship for computer science majors, product management interns work with the product management team to develop and execute the roadmap for a product or service. During this internship, you’ll participate in the development of product strategy and use analysis to inform your decision-making.

How to Get an Ultra-Competitive Tech Internship 

As an information security intern

Found the perfect internship? Whether you’re applying to one of the Big Tech companies or simply want to increase your chances of scoring a computer science internship, here are a few tips to help you land an amazing opportunity:

  • Start working on personal projects. To boost your resume, start working on cool side projects in your spare time. It doesn’t need to be a world-changing project. Keep it small and use your project to showcase your skills.
  • Practice coding and whiteboarding. Got a whiteboard coding interview coming up? Start preparing by grinding some LeetCode. The book Cracking the Coding Interview is also a must-read for anyone preparing for a programming interview.
  • Write an impressive resume. Newsflash: The hiring managers at prestigious companies like Google don’t have time to look through two pages of your resume. Keep it to a single page and make every line count. For more useful tips, check out our guide: How to Write Resume for Internship.
  • Apply even if you feel underqualified. Don’t let imposter syndrome get to you. You’re probably more qualified than you think!

Finishing Your Internship Strong

Whether you’re considering a remote internship or hoping for an in-person opportunity this summer, there are plenty of internships for computer science majors that will help you launch your career. Just remember that you don’t need to be some kind of CS prodigy to get an awesome internship. It’s all about how you sell yourself!


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