5 Internships for Marketing Majors

5 Internships for Marketing Majors

If we had to describe the marketing industry in one word, it would be this: fast-paced. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and that’s what makes it so exciting! Marketing majors have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of ever-changing roles in almost any industry. Not to mention, you could end up using your extensive marketing knowledge to launch and promote your own business one day. *Cue fantasy of running a business from the beach*

Before you enter the professional marketing world, however, it’s a good idea to have an internship or two under your belt. What types of internships for marketing majors are out there, and how do you get one? Read on to find out.

How Do I Get a Marketing Internship?

First, let’s talk about where to find internships for marketing majors. If you’re hoping to land the perfect marketing internship, here are a few good places to begin your search:

  • Leverage your network. It’s not uncommon for marketing internships to come through referrals. Start building your network by reaching out to faculty and staff, talking with recent marketing graduates, and utilizing your school’s career services.
  • Attend career fairs. A career fair is an excellent opportunity to get your internship resume in the hands of someone who is standing right in front of you (unless it’s a virtual career fair, in which case, you’re still submitting it directly to someone who matters). If your department has its own career fair — go, go, go!
  • Follow brands you love on social media. Many companies will post internship opportunities on their social channels. If you weren’t already following your fave companies on social media, give ’em a follow and see what opportunities pop up. You never know when Wendy’s might be in need of a social media intern to help them savagely roast people on Twitter


Internships for Marketing Majors 

Ready to discover the best internships for marketing majors? Check out the internships below and be prepared to submit your resume and cover letter.

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Social media interns

1. Social Media Intern – You already spend all day on TikTok, so you might as well do it professionally as a social media intern. Kidding…there’s obviously a lot more to social media marketing than watching TikTok videos of Gordon Ramsay dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire (NGL, 2021 is already off to a wild start). Seriously though, social media interns are tasked with helping develop and implement content on a brand’s social media channels. Your daily duties could include creating content for social media calendars, tracking engagement metrics, analyzing what’s working (and what’s not), and refining the brand’s social strategies. This is a great internship for marketing majors who eventually want to become social media managers.

2. Digital Marketing Intern – If you’re looking for an opportunity to extend your marketing skills beyond social channels, consider a digital marketing internship. Digital marketing interns use a variety of digital marketing channels — social media, email, online display ads, blogs, search engine rankings, etc. — to generate leads and boost brand awareness. During your internship, you’ll assist in the creation of marketing campaigns, help with market research, and suggest new ideas to enhance the company’s digital strategy.

3. Product Marketing Intern – Do you have strong analytical skills? A product marketing internship could be a great fit for you. As a product marketing intern, you’ll work closely with product marketers and salespeople to determine the positioning and messaging of a product. Typical duties include performing product research, creating product-focused content (blog posts, marketing copy, etc.), creating a product launch plan, and meeting with the sales team to ensure consistent messaging.

4. Copywriting Intern – Got a knack for writing punchy, witty prose? Turn your love for writing into a rewarding career by landing a copywriting internship. Copywriters create engaging content that is aimed at increasing brand awareness and convincing consumers to take a particular action. Copywriting interns spend most of their time writing (obviously) and finding ways to make their copy clearer, more concise, and punchier. Also, be prepared to come up with creative ideas during brainstorming sessions.

becoming a data scientist

5. Data Scientist Intern – If you want to make the big bucks with your marketing degree, think about becoming a data scientist. Data scientists are in high demand right now — and, yes, you can break into data science as a marketing major. Marketing data scientist interns work closely with data analysts and engineers to help analyze data, build models, and identify key insights within the data to improve marketing campaigns and business performance. If you’re a bit of a big data nerd, this one has your name written all over it.

Finding the Right Marketing Internship

The field of marketing is booming right now, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding internships that provide you with valuable experience. Ready to begin your search? Create a Tallo profile and we’ll match you with opportunities that suit your interests and career goals.



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