Jobs For America’s Graduates (JAG) + Tallo Scholarship Winner, Makayla

High school graduate Makayla Beauford of Florida is the recent recipient of a scholarship sponsored by Jobs For America’s Graduates and Tallo. While in high school, Makayla attended her local JAG chapter, Jobs for Florida Graduates, in order to participate in community service, learn from local business leaders, and acquire employable skills for after graduation. At its inception, Jobs for America’s Graduates, or JAG, was created as a non-profit organization to serve the needs of young people, especially those who are either entering college or the workforce. JAG works to help youths reach their full potential in areas of both economic and academic success. Currently, there are over 1,400 JAG model programs across the country in middle schools, high schools, and other locations with the shared mission of the JAG Advantage. This promises that JAG will “deliver student-centered programs to help young people achieve their fullest potential,” and includes the three components of Project-Based Learning, Trauma Informed Care, and Employer Engagement. These programs help students transition into quality jobs after graduation, a mission that Tallo also shares. 

Makayla views her time participating at her local JAG chapter as an investment in her future. With this scholarship from Tallo and JAG, she plans to purchase school supplies in anticipation of starting her nursing program in the fall. Makayla’s intention is to become a NICU nurse. Helping people and working with children are two of Makayla’s passions, so NICU nursing seems to be the perfect fit! She thanks both Tallo and JAG for this opportunity and hopes to continue to use Tallo to connect with opportunities, especially those in the medical field. Congratulations, Makayla! 



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