Four Study Abroad College Programs to Start your Successful Hospitality and Culinary Career

If you’re the type who binge-watches Top Chef and knows that you could crush it as a competitor on Cake Wars or The Great British Bake Off, have you ever thought about a culinary career? Or is hospitality in your blood? Do you know how to prepare the perfect experiences for your friends where they feel comfortable, welcome, and entertained? Then consider earning a degree in hospitality! Combine those passions with a desire for adventure, and we have some really exciting programs for you to check out. Tallo has a round up of four schools in beautiful European locations where you can earn your degree abroad in hospitality or the culinary arts, two of the country’s fastest growing industries. This could be your chance to go to school with students from all over the world, and connect with alumni who are moving on to become leaders in the industry across every corner of the globe.

Four Colleges to Consider Abroad in Hospitality and the Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland 

Does quarantine have you baking up a storm? Are you someone who can’t resist taking to social media to show off your latest culinary creations? If you’ve perfected your quarantine banana bread recipe and want to move onto something else, maybe it’s time to elevate your skills to the next level. Maybe in…Switzerland? Yeah I know, we think that sounds like a dream too. If you want to know how you can earn a culinary degree abroad, check out a school like the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. They even have two campuses, both with small class sizes, lots of attention from chef instructors, and opportunities for prestigious internships. The Le Bouveret Campus is nestled in the shores of Lake Geneva, is minutes away from France, and features a new state-of-the-art student lab for exploring and creating whatever culinary masterpieces you dream up. The Lucerne campus combines early 1900 European elegance with all of the modern twists you’d expect. 

César Ritz Colleges

Luxury, excellence, and service are the three pillars of César Ritz Colleges. They blend together courses in business and hospitality, guided by the philosophy of the famous Swiss hotelier César Ritz (yes, as in that Ritz). Think of this program, which focuses on tourism and entrepreneurship, as the jumping-off point for your career. Students take this immersive hospitality and business experience and become the best in business management, customer service, and more. As a part of your education, you’ll have the opportunity to intern with some of their industry partners, like international hotel chains and Michelin star restaurants. This school shares a campus with the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, so just imagine the study break snacks you’ll get to try! 

Swiss Hotel Management School

Three words: Swiss palace hotel. No dingy dorm rooms or cramped classrooms here. At the Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), students are living and breathing the world of hospitality every day, and that includes living and learning in former traditional Swiss Palace hotels. Stephan Earnhart, an Academic Director at SHMS, describes hospitality as “something that comes from the heart. When a stranger is welcomed, it’s immediately felt.” Students at SHMS get a traditional academic experience in the classroom, and then put what they’re learning into action by working in the school’s restaurants and planning banquet experiences. Which is important, because employers are looking for dynamic team members who have experience in a wide range of hospitality, so that they can effectively manage their own teams in the future. (And I’m just gonna leave this here: they even have an on-campus spa.)

Hotel Institute Montreux

At the Hotel Institute Montreux, you can start your career with a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Hospitality Management. Or if you’re looking to take the next step, there’s also a Masters of International Business in Hospitality Management, and you can specialize in Finance, Human Resources, Senior Living Management, or Luxury Brand Management. Not sure if you can commit to the three-year program yet? Try it out with a study abroad semester in Switzerland! As part of their programs, students can try out their skills in the “real world” through paid internships — in Switzerland, and all over the world!

These programs are an excellent way to study your passion and travel the world at the same time, learning different customs and cultures. The benefits of seeing other parts of the world are well known, but let’s not kid ourselves, the bragging rights are out of this world too. So if a career in the culinary arts or hospitality is calling your name, don’t let these opportunities pass you by! 

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