Shaping Tomorrow: Tallo Partners with ASA for Youth Career Readiness

Tallo is proud to announce a new partnership with American Student Assistance (ASA) to help transform the future of career readiness for teens. This partnership aligns with Tallo’s goal to secure 100,000 annual job placements for young talent, leveraging EvolveMe — a free, award-winning digital platform developed by ASA.

EvolveMe is crafted to guide over a million teens towards their futures by offering immersive, skill-building tasks. From virtual internships and AI-powered coaching to coding courses and more, EvolveMe provides a dynamic space for career experimentation. It’s a place where teens can earn points for completing tasks, redeemable for gift cards, and see their achievements grow visually as they progress.

ASA’s dedication to empowering youth through digital innovation creates an ideal synergy with Tallo’s mission. As we merge our strengths, we’re set to expand opportunities for young people, especially in underserved communities, to explore and build careers with confidence.

This partnership isn’t just about job placements; it’s about creating a robust pipeline for the workforce of tomorrow. ASA and Tallo are committed to giving students a head start on their career journeys, providing them with access to over 120 tasks that advance their career interests. This initiative will bring Tallo’s expertise in connecting early talent with top employers and educational resources to the EvolveMe platform, ensuring that students benefit from meaningful connections alongside comprehensive career and training resources.

This collaboration is an exciting step forward in our journey to revolutionize career preparation for the next generation. Tallo is thrilled to join forces with ASA and other visionary partners who are reshaping how young people engage with their futures. Together, we’ll help teens tap into their passions early on and provide hands-on experiences that chart a course to success after high school.

For Tallo, this partnership exemplifies our commitment to building a better life for young talent by providing pathways to growing careers and valued credentials. We’re on a mission to empower the leaders of tomorrow, today, and together with ASA, we’re making that mission a reality.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey to help teens unlock their full potential and build fulfilling careers.


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