The New Generation of Tallo Is a New Frontier for Workforce Recruiters

Dear Recruiters, say hello to your new best friend: the new generation of Tallo. We’ve redesigned our platform to assist you in connecting with early talent, making your recruitment process smoother and more efficient. You’ll find it easy to match with suggested talent profiles and engage with them via Nudges and new opportunity features. Ready to kick the tires and check out the new improvements? Let’s go.

What’s Changed?

Our platform takes is home to almost 2 million users, each with unique skills and aspirations, making it a rich resource for your recruitment efforts. Tallo’s Talent Pool helps you search for and view talent based on unique requirements and needs. With new and improved search capabilities, you can find the right talent for your job roles without breaking a sweat. You can use several filters to focus on the talent you wish to discover. As you save each filter, the resulting talent will display in the results, where you can view their profiles. 

Plus, you can get valuable insights into your recruitment efforts and the responses they generate. 

Available Features and Benefits

Communication Upgrades: Send targeted communication to Tallo’s almost 2 million users for recruitment campaigns, brand perception analysis, and more. You can do this through the new Nudges feature.

Tallo Workforce Tracking: Keep track of talent-to-talent-seeker connections and measure the outcomes of your initiatives.

Using the Platform (and what’s to come)

Tallo makes recruitment less of a task and more of an experience. And we’re just getting started. Soon, we’re personalized recruitment advice and job market trends will be available. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to engage with early talent and utilize the powerful matching and engagement features that are your best bet for early talent recruitment. Dive in and get started today!

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