Tallo Is Connecting Colleges With the Next Generation of Talent

Welcome to the new era of talent acquisition, educators. Introducing the new generation of Tallo: designed to streamline your recruitment process and help you connect with the next generation of talent. The new updates help you find engaged, motivated candidates with interests, activities, and skills aligned with your college’s programs. Read on for more about how these features get to work for you.

What’s Changed? 

The Tallo community has an expanded talent pool of nearly 2 million strong, each with unique skills, interests, and abilities. They’re the next generation of talent, and they’re all here. Various search filters—like skills, qualifications, location, and interests—help narrow your search and discover individuals who align with your specific requirements.

Our enhanced search capabilities make finding the right candidates for your programs and scholarships easier. Our algorithm suggests talent that is a good match, and you can send them Nudges to engage them with opportunities you are offering.

Plus, you’ll find detailed insights into prospective students’ perceptions of your college or program. Your profile is just one way to gain these analytics by increasing your organization’s visibility and attracting the attention of potential candidates through matching and recommendations.

Available Features and Benefits 

Targeted Communication: Reach out to our users with personalized messages about your programs, scholarships, or career opportunities.

Tallo School Tracking: Follow the journey of your prospective students, learn more about their achievements, and tailor your offerings accordingly.

Expanded Network: Join our network of over 17,000 institutions to learn best practices, share knowledge, and more. Getting involved with Tallo Community is just one more way to expand your reach and impact.

Using the Platform (and what’s to come) 

With Tallo, you have the power to attract and retain top talent right at your fingertips. And soon, we’re launching a new tool that will enable you to track the outcomes of your initiatives. Tallo empowers the next generation of learners and explorers to continue with organizations like yours that are there to help them succeed. 

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