Tallo Spotlight: Jocelyn Holman

When one of our Tallo students finds that perfect fit — whether a particular school, opportunity, or organization — we get excited. It’s what we live for, and it happens every single day (so we pretty much stay excited 24/7)!

But in Jocelyn Holman’s case, she found more than a perfect internship; she may have just found her true calling.

Jocelyn H.

High School Student in Lakewood, CO

Jocelyn’s Tallo story began thirteen years ago during her preschool graduation. While her classmates excitedly shouted plans for their future selves, Jocelyn made a rather prophetic announcement to the audience.

Many years – and LEGO sets – later, her passion for robotics inspired her to get involved with her local FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team, The Highlanders. With lots of hard work, dedication, and of course, their robot “Blitzar,” The Highlanders powered their way to the FRC World Championships in Houston, Texas.

It was during the last day of the competition when Jocelyn’s Tallo profile made an impact on the global aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Following an interview at our Tallo booth, the rising high school senior was awarded a Lockheed Martin Radio Frequency Engineering Internship, where she recently began working this summer alongside some of the industry’s best minds. We guess you could say that she made a great FIRST impression!

Although Jocelyn is still exploring her career options, she is already confident about her plans after high school.

Don’t be fooled by her modesty! The Colorado School of Mines is only one of the best applied sciences and engineering schools in the country! We know she’ll fit right in.

We asked Jocelyn what advice she would give to her younger peers who are still figuring out their own life path. Without missing a beat, she delivered.

Jocelyn Holman, ladies and gentlemen! It’s certainly safe to say that she has followed her own advice.

Good luck with your internship Jocelyn! And keep following your heart. We’ll help you figure out the rest.

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