Tallo Top 100 Spotlight: Emily Nguyen

We are always proud to spotlight our 2018 Tallo Top 100 students.

Hailing from all across the nation, the students of the Top 100 represent a wide variety of talent, skills, and backgrounds. We wanted to get to know these students better and showcase the personalities behind the Tallo platform!

Our previous spotlight was on Taylor Belyeu from Longwood, Florida. This week, the limelight is on Emily Nguyen from Harvest, Alabama!

Emily is a first-year student at Auburn University pursuing a degree in chemical engineering with specializations in pre-medicine. In high school, she was a multiple-event state finalist in the Science Olympiad and also a HOSA – Future Health Professionals state finalist.

Read more about Emily below in her own words.

Emily Nguyen

Harvest, Alabama

Auburn University


Something you wouldn’t know about me is…as a toddler, I actually started writing with my right hand but swapped to my left when I was given the notion that being left-handed was “cooler.” That’s why, today, I do everything with my right hand except for writing.

For fun, I like to…volunteer and browse Pinterest (there’s nothing like smiling faces and pretty things that lift my mood).

If I could meet anyone in the world, past or present, I would want to meet…Leonardo da Vinci. I would love to see how he thinks and sees the world, giving me a glimpse into the mind of a genius.

The best teacher I’ve ever had was…not actually my “official” teacher. Mrs. Hodge is the sponsor for my Science Olympiad and InSPIRESS team, but she has gone above and beyond to help me in any aspect; she is the sole reason I was able to qualify on my AP Chemistry exam last year.

The last app I downloaded on my phone was…the ABC Channel app so I could watch some of my favorite tv shows (I highly recommend The Good Doctor and How to Get Away with Murder).

In ten years, I see myself...happily occupied with a job that will give me opportunities to travel and immerse myself in cultures all over the globe.

My greatest dream is...(very cliche) a world dominated by love and happiness that no amount of evil can overcome: an end to mass violence, a cure for cancer, and for me, a life of stability.

My favorite thing about Tallo is…it being such an accessible portal to multiple opportunities in education, internships, and various organizations.

We hope for the best for you Emily! We’re proud to have you be a Tallo user and part of the 2018 Tallo Top 100!

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