What Are the Top 5 Jobs in Tech?

Consider a typical morning getting ready for school or work. You may do any of these activities: ask Alexa for the time and weather, open apps on your phone, turn off appliances with a single voice command, lock your front door from an app, and even work or attend school remotely on a computer at home. In the space of an hour or two, you are already immersed in technology.  

For every technology accessed during a typical morning, a tech professional was part of the building, creating, maintaining, developing, or protecting the hardware, operating systems, and applications. Technology is our present and future, and the opportunity to be a part of its evolution is something to consider for all career seekers. Read on to learn more about the top jobs in IT and technology. 

The Tech Industry 

The IT, innovation, and technology industry is one of the most active and evolving fields worldwide, offering a wide variety of careers in almost every industry and workplace. With a continuing need for skilled professionals, computer and information technology occupations are expected to grow by about 12% through 2028. These five tech jobs rank as highly sought after by employers, according to a U.S. News and World Report. Tech workers in these occupations can expect a high demand for their skill sets, ample employment openings, above-average salaries, and opportunities for promotion. 

Preparing for a Tech Career 

A passion, interest, or technical skill can be the beginning of a future career. Many high schools and career tech centers have recognized the need for skilled workers and have created courses to prepare students for a future in tech-related industries. Spend time investigating and learning about specific career paths that interest you and identify the requirements needed for entry.  

Online certifications can offer a pathway to a well-paid job and help you land an IT job without a degree. While certifications provide a faster and lower-cost alternative to college, some tech careers may still require a college degree. For example, a computer support specialist may only require certifications, while a web developer may need a college degree. Whatever your pathway to a career, the future is expanding, evolving, and accessible in tech occupations across industries. Explore more in our Tallo Community groups and connect with other professionals. 

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