Workforce Development Initiative Owners: Stay Connected and Keep Things Afloat for Your Stakeholders

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency has changed our everyday lives and the way we do business. All stakeholders involved in workforce initiatives are experiencing hardship, especially businesses and schools. As the one responsible for leading workforce initiatives, your stakeholders look to you for guidance and access to critical resources. They need you to be their lifeline while they stabilize and adjust to the new norm. And once they are out of crisis mode, they need to know that you have been doing your job as a partner responsible for building a talent pipeline.

For you, your challenges might be two-fold: 1) staying on top of the most recent COVID-19 updates in order to offer continued support and access to the most up-to-date information on public policy,  2) continuing to focus on developing, attracting and retaining talent in your region and 3) building your brand in the state and nation. As if this isn’t challenging enough, you must also be the pioneer in educating your stakeholders on the new ways to communicate amidst cancelations of in-person recruiting, educational and networking events.

As you’re working through this new landscape, we have  a couple of things to remember and ways that Tallo can help you support your stakeholders:

  • Don’t get behind the curve on keeping a career-ready talent pipeline full for your area. If you stop filling up the funnel, it won’t be there when you need it. This epidemic will subside eventually, and your stakeholders will be looking to move forward quickly when it comes to talent development and retention. 
    • Here’s what you should do: 
      • Prepare for the businesses that are hurting to need you. They’ll need the workforce and economic development initiatives for their business. Those who saw a spike in business? They’ll need a strong pipeline to continue their initiatives. 
      • Flex your solutions based on the partner. For example:
        • Colleges: With the cancellation of classes, job fairs, and even graduation, students’ opportunities are becoming increasingly limited. As one of our university partners put it, “our in-person recruitment has come to a standstill.” Schools are moving online where possible and others are strategizing the ways they can provide resources and basic needs for students, including those typically under-resourced. While it may feel like an uncertain time from faculty, staff, and students still trying to make their dreams a reality, the good news is that communication and platforms like Tallo are available to help.
        • Companies: Businesses need to recruit, but they just can’t focus on that right now. That’s why going virtual is going to be your key to success. We’ve pulled a few tips together to help companies we think will help you fulfill your stakeholder’s needs. Check them out>
  • When you can, go virtual. We know we’ve already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. We’re all working virtually now (your stakeholders too), so offer resources and tips for holding virtual meetings—there are a lot out there like this one from our partner DSM for conference best practices when held online. Learn more> 
    • Here’s what you should do:
      • Don’t be afraid to be a trailblazer. Encourage virtual meetings, host webinars (these are especially helpful when you get a lot of the same questions from different stakeholders—you can point them to the webinar), arrange conferences or events, build videos through programs like Camtasia or Vimeo. You can also push your recruitment virtually with help from technology platforms like Tallo. We have nearly 1M students on our platform waiting to connect with colleges, companies, universities and more. 

We know there’s a massive amount of work on your plate, and that’s why we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. We partner with organizations around the country to assist them in developing, retaining, reskilling, attracting talent, and pushing workforce initiatives forward, all while providing the longitudinal data your stakeholders need to see the impact of what you’re doing. Tallo is here to help. 

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