Your Career Voyage with the New Generation of Tallo

Hey there, Explorers! Ready for a new and exciting chapter in your career exploration? We’ve given Tallo a super boost with even more helpful networking and exploration features and are thrilled for you to experience the new generation of Tallo. It’s all about better choices, more possibilities, and a whole lot of fun in discovering your career path. Read on for a quick rundown of what’s new, designed for you.

What’s Changed? 

Our career quizzes got a boost. They’ve evolved to understand you better, resulting in more precise recommendations. Once you add your passions and interests to the mix, our algorithm gets to work finding opportunities that are well-suited for you.

We also created an Explore tool where you can search for and discover everything Tallo and our partners have to offer to support you on your college or career journey, including careers, courses, scholarships, and opportunities. The best part? Daily Matches can connect you with relevant things you’d be a great fit for.

And don’t forget the upgraded networking. It’s like getting a backstage pass to meet and learn from industry pros who were once in your shoes. Colleges and companies can also discover you! With the new Nudge feature, they can send you a message to introduce themselves and share details about their organization, opportunity, and more.

Available Features and Benefits 

Interactive Career Paths: Seeing the route to your dream job just got clearer. Learn about the steps you’ll need—from education to experience—to reach your career destination.

Personalized Learning Plans: After you take our quizzes, we’ll recommend courses that align with your interests and give you an upper hand in your career.

Industry Mentors: Get real advice from professionals who know the ins and outs of your chosen field.

Using the Platform (and what’s to come) 

The new Tallo is simple and intuitive to use. Your revamped and reorganized dashboard shows your progress, recommended learning plans, and networking opportunities. We’re launching a career journey roadmap soon—a visual guide showing the path to your dream career based on real-world experiences. 

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