How To Build A Professional Profile On Tallo

Whether you’re looking to connect with new professional opportunities, learn new skills, or just see what’s out there, you want to make sure that your profile stands out among the rest. That’s why we put together this quick guide for what you need to fill out on your profile to catch a company or college’s eye.

You can also share your Tallo profile with friends or mentors to get their thoughts and advice, and download your Tallo profile into a printable resume you then can edit and tweak to fit the position or program you’re applying for. Looking for video tips? We have those too. 

Step-by-step professional profile building guide

Each section below corresponds to a spot on your profile. Simply pick the section you’re optimizing and click the + sign. Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once, but the more you do, the better chance you have of making connections.

1. Add a Profile Picture: This is your first impression and adds credibility to your profile. Use a professional photo or headshot to make a lasting first impression. Hint: to edit your profile picture, tap or hover over it to upload a photo, switch the picture, or rotate.

2. Upload a Video: Upload an About Me Video to introduce yourself to talent seekers. This is your opportunity to explain how you would add value to potential employers and organizations. Hint: to upload a video, click the Play icon next to your profile picture. You’ll need to host it on a public platform (like Vimeo or Youtube) and then add the url in the subject field.

3. Update your Status: Showcase your current employment, or education, status to companies on Tallo.

4. Write a Personal Bio: Express who you are and what you do through your personal bio. Whether it is for companies or colleges to see, be thoughtful and communicate a positive first impression for your target audience.

5. Share Your Profile: Create a link to share your Tallo profile with users outside of Tallo.

6. Add your Career Interests: Add career interests relevant to your field. The more information you share, the more opportunity you have to match with a company or organization for jobs, apprenticeships, internships, and more.

7. Update your Location Preferences: List any places you could see yourself living or moving to for an opportunity. This helps talent seekers match people with opportunities based on where they live or would like to live. 

8. Plan Next Steps: Organize your future goals such as earning a degree or getting a job in this section.

9. Add your Educational Background: Enter degrees and certificates from schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. This can include technical, doctoral, or other specialized programs.

10. Showcase your Accomplishments: Add certifications or licenses you have earned as well as awards and honors you have received.

11. Work Experience and Responsibilities: Share your relevant background, skills, and job experiences. This can include the military, apprenticeships, or internships. Show how you handle responsibility. Include jobs as well as paid or unpaid experiences at home or in your community.

12. Languages: Being fluent in more than one language can expand your career potential. Add any additional languages that you fluently speak.

13. Memberships, Extracurricular Activities, and Hobbies: Share what you have enjoyed doing most, spent the most time doing, or relates to your future plans. This can be professional organizations and clubs to which you belong, personal interests, and hobbies.

14. Scores: Add scores from past standardized tests or end-of-course exams relevant to your career pathway.

15. Courses: Showoff past courses that relate to your career.

16. Files: Do you have a resumé, letter of recommendation, or other supporting documentation that does not apply to an activity above? Upload it here. You can also include videos, portfolios, or writing samples.