Bridging the Gap Between Corporations and Early Talent With Tallo

Meet your future workforce with the transformed new generation of Tallo. The new updates deliver a robust talent pipeline so you can help diversify your workforce and enhance your brand awareness. We’ve included a lot of new features with this release, and we’re super excited to share a whole new set of early talent recruitment and engagement tools. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the standouts.

What’s Changed? 

Tallo hosts a diverse talent based of almost 2 million early talent individuals, including 53.3% female and 500,000 racial or ethnic minority members. Identify and connect with best-fit early talent, including powerful filter tools, tracking talent through tagging and grouping, interactive mapping, talent profile previews, and more.

With Tallo’s robust search capabilities, you can use enhanced and dynamic filters to find ideal candidates for your roles. Next, you can identify best-fit talent, organize them through tagging and groups, save searches, engage talent for recruitment, and gain data insights on cohorts of talent you’re interested in.

And another great feature, with enhanced employer branding, you can showcase your company’s values, work culture, and more through your dynamic profile. The profile increases your company’s visibility and attracts the attention of potential candidates through matching and recommendations.

Available Features and Benefits 

Tallo Talent Search: Shortlist potential candidates, send personalized Nudges, and encourage them to apply for your roles.

Nudges: Don’t wait for talent to come to you. Discover potential candidates and reach out to them directly.

Detailed Analytics: Understand how the future workforce perceives your company and make informed decisions.

Using the Platform (and what’s to come) 

With Tallo, you’re not just posting job openings. You’re actively discovering talent and building relationships. And soon, we’re launching a new feature to provide comprehensive market trends. What are you waiting for? Request a demo today to see how Tallo can work for your company. 

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