Case Study: Fortune 500 Supermarket Diversifies Internship Program


• Build awareness of the company and their opportunities with Gen Z talent
• Improve diversity and inclusion for a summer internship program in the headquarters location
• Increase reach to find and engage the right type of Gen Z talent

How Tallo Helped
• Developed multi-campaign engagement strategy to a microtargeted audience of 35,000+ high school and college-level users on Tallo
• Built an internal interest form to understand who was interested in their opportunities
• Engaged interested talent and introduced them to the company’s internship program

• 870+ students interested
• 130+ interested in the summer internship program
• 82% increase in brand awareness*

Deployment Time
Two weeks


A well-known client of ours knows the importance of engaging talent early. As one of the 10 largest-volume supermarket chains in the country, they employ a workforce of over 225,000 people, and a large percentage of their employees are 18 years of age or younger. In fact, over 80% of their team members in C-suite positions started their careers with the company in high school.


With the need to grow and improve their early talent pipeline, this fast-growing supermarket corporation approached Tallo to help change the perception of what opportunity really looks like at their company and how their part-time junior positions can transition into a wide array of internships and career fields.

The company takes pride in fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, so they also asked Tallo to help diversify the racial and ethnic profile of their college interns at corporate headquarters.

“Tallo is like LinkedIn, but for younger generations. It allows

businesses such as ours to find and message these kids

and try to engage them in either careers at a college, or

employment with organizations.”

– Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition |National Super Market Chain


• Collaborating with the company’s talent acquisition team, developed a strategic multi-campaign strategy to target and introduce the company to specific Tallo users based on key criteria such as location, career interests, and diversity.

• Deployed a brand awareness campaign highlighting culture, career paths, and more to specific high school and college-level users in states where the company has a strategic presence.

• Built internal interest form to understand and follow users who indicated an interest in the company

• Sent microtargeted campaign to interested candidates sharing the company’s summer internship program at their headquarters.


Within two weeks, Tallo engaged and connected the company with over 35,000 high school and college students matching their unique talent profile. From there, hundreds indicated a specific interest in their opportunities. This laid the foundation for recruiting for their summer college internship program: 132 students applied.

% of students engaged who indicated they were not aware of company opportunities and career paths before Tallo campaign


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