College Recruiting for the Next Generation

There’s No Off Season in Recruiting

With 93% of students reporting that they would be more likely to apply to a college if you connected with them as a freshman or sophomore in high school, that means that college recruiting needs to start earlier and happen more often.

This coupled with the fact that there’s just going to be fewer and fewer students to recruit for the foreseeable future, means that if you want to survive the demographic downturn, you will need to update your recruiting strategies and build your college’s brand awareness for a new generation.

Understanding Early Talent

When asked what they consider most beneficial when it comes to connecting with colleges early on, high school students said that tuition cost (88%) and scholarship opportunities (89%) are both at the top of their list.

Recruiting a New Generation

When asked another way, “what is the most important to you when considering your plans for future education?”, students in high school said that tuition cost (34%) and degrees offered (37%) are most important.

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