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Teaching Resources for Educators | Tallo

Teaching resources for your classroom.

Your students crave knowledge, and having resources available to meet your curriculum requirements can help you keep those lessons coming. That’s why we offer bell ringers for students and teachers, along with other teaching and classroom resources to ensure you have everything you need to use Tallo as a tool to teach and educate your students and shape their future.


Bellringers for Teachers

Bellringers are small assignments or activities that can help students mentally transition from one lesson to another. We created a few questions and prompts to help you utilize Tallo in the classroom to help students thinking about their online portfolio and what they hope to get from their interactions with colleges and companies.

Bellringers for Teachers offers answers for teachers in small print. If you prefer not to have answers, you can pass out the bellringers as an assignment, print/share the Bellringers for Students.

Bellringers for Students

These bellringers are designed to be given or shared directly with your students in the classroom. They come with just the question prompt for the lesson. If you prefer to have the bellringers with answers/responses, please see the Bellringers for Teachers.

Classroom Activities

Elevator Pitch

Use this activity to guide students as they reflect on their accomplishments and set goals on their next step. Students will craft an Elevator Pitch to showcase themselves to future employers and colleges and practice their communication and presentation skills.

Student Conferences

Use the student conferences activity to provide feedback on student profiles. This activity allows students to set goals, self-assess their profiles, and discuss their self-reflection with their teacher or school counselor.

Peer Review Lesson Plan

In this activity, students will view their classmates’ Tallo profiles and give constructive criticism based on their progress. This lesson can be completed online or by using printed materials. This resource includes a lesson plan and two slideshows — the student slideshow and teacher slideshow. The teacher slideshow contains notes for the teacher when presenting on a smartboard.

Note: The Teacher Lesson deck contains notes meant exclusively for the educator.


Teacher Lesson

Student Lesson

Task Cards

Task cards allow students to be independent learners through a variety of methods in the classroom. At the basic level, they are a set of cards that have tasks or questions written on them. Use task cards as a stand-alone lesson or in stations for students to focus on Tallo for short periods. They can also be used for students who have finished their work early. This resource includes a lesson plan, teacher slide show, and student task cards.

Lesson Plan

Task Cards

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