Internships and Apprenticeships for Attracting Early Talent

Early talent wants internships & apprenticeships

Looking for a reason to invest in an internship or apprenticeship program in order to find new talent? We found that a staggering 94% of high school and college-age students believe that it’s important to have an internship or apprenticeship program before a full-time job. Further, 74% say that they would consider something like an internship over a four-year path.

But, they struggle to find them…

The problem is most of early talent don’t know where to find them. 73% of the people interested in internships and apprenticeships admit that they do not know where to find out about such opportunities. A slim majority (51%) believe that internships and apprenticeships are out there, and the struggle largely relates to finding them.

Here’s what you can do about it.

If you’re looking to attract early talent, having internship and apprenticeship opportunities on the right platforms is a must. Some 70% express that learning about employers with apprenticeship programs would be helpful, and the top employers that people believe have good internship/apprenticeship programs are Amazon, New York Times, SpaceX, Wells Fargo, and IBM.

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