Quiz: What’s Your Resume Style?

Summary: Whether you’re a corporate classic, a tech specialist, a creative visionary, or a modern networker, find out which resume reflects your professional flair.

Your resume is your personal billboard to the professional world. But have you ever wondered what resume style truly reflects your personality? Take this quiz to discover your unique resume style!

What’s Your Resume Style?

1. How would you describe your work experience?

A. Diverse and extensive
B. Focused and specialized
C. Creative and unconventional
D. Fresh and ever-evolving

2. Pick a color scheme for your workspace:

A. Classic black and white
B. Bold and vibrant colors
C. Soft pastels
D. Earthy and natural tones

3. How do you stay organized?

A. A detailed planner
B. Productivity program or app
C. A sketchpad or journal
D. My smartphone

4. Choose a weekend activity:

A. Attending a professional workshop
B. Working on a personal project
C. Trying a new restaurant
D. Going outdoors

5. How do your friends describe you?

A. Reliable and organized
B. Expert and focused
C. Creative and free-spirited
D. Energetic and adaptable

6. Select your ideal office setup:

A. Traditional office with a powerful desktop
B. High-tech studio
C. Cozy café or art studio
D. Flexible co-working space

7. What’s your preferred way to learn new skills?

A. Formal courses or certifications
B. In-depth books or online resources
C. Hands-on workshops
D. Interactive online tutorials

8. Choose an accessory that represents you:

A. A classic watch
B. High-tech gadgets
C. Artistic jewelry
D. A multi-purpose backpack

9. What’s your ideal project at work?

A. Organizing a major event or project
B. Solving a complex technical problem
C. Designing a new product or concept
D. Leading a dynamic team

10. How do you unwind after a long day?

A. Reading the news
B. Watching documentaries or TED Talks
C. Doing something artistic or creative
D. Socializing with friends or networking


Mostly A’s: The Corporate Classic

Your resume style is the Corporate Classic. You value tradition and professionalism, reflecting a strong and reliable career path. Your resume is neat, organized, and straight to the point, showcasing your experience and achievements in a clear and concise way. As a Corporate Classic, you’ll benefit from Tallo’s vast network of established companies and professional opportunities. Consider connecting with industry leaders on Tallo and explore positions where your traditional and polished approach will shine.

Mostly B’s: The Tech Specialist

You’re the Tech Specialist. Your resume style is as focused and specialized as your career. It highlights your technical skills and certifications, using industry-specific language to demonstrate your expertise in your field. On Tallo, you can find communities and forums where you can share your technical knowledge and connect with other tech enthusiasts. Don’t forget to check out job listings in tech companies that are looking for someone with your specialized skill set.

Mostly C’s: The Creative Visionary

Hello, Creative Visionary! Your resume is as unique as your career path. It’s visually engaging, perhaps with a touch of color or a quirky layout, showcasing your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. In the Tallo Community, you can showcase your creative portfolio and engage with companies that value innovative thinking. Attend virtual career fairs on Tallo to network with companies that are looking for creative roles where your unique resume will stand out.

Mostly D’s: The Modern Networker

As the Modern Networker, your resume is vibrant and adaptable, just like you. It features a mix of traditional and modern elements, showing off your versatile skill set and ability to thrive in different environments. On Tallo, you can leverage your networking skills by joining diverse groups and attending both virtual and in-person events. Explore career opportunities that require a dynamic personality like yours, and connect with top recruiters on Tallo who value adaptability and forward-thinking.


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