The Early Talent Playbook

How to attract a new generation of talent

The Talent Shortage is Here to Stay


The talent shortage continues to place a heavier and heavier burden on the economy and as companies struggle to find the talent they need, now is the time to invest in new and more strategic approaches to developing an early talent pipeline.

In this paper, we lay out the four key things that you can do to connect to a new generation of talent. Much of this is driven by data we have collected over the past few years combined with insight gained from helping companies, colleges, and cities develop better strategies and methods for winning with Gen Z.

Key Drivers of the Talent Shortage

How to Address the Talent Shortage

To recruit the talent you need tomorrow, you need to start building relationships today. Tallo has been working with companies for years and we’ve figured out the secret sauce for an early talent recruitment strategy. It starts with making connections early and often so that talent is ready for you when you need them.

The Early Talent Playbook

Think Like a Marketer

Gone are the days when companies could just post ads and expect to be flooded with qualified applicants. Today, labor shortages put talent in the driver’s seat. And the companies that don’t position themselves in front of said talent early and often will find that talent gravitating to the companies that do.

Get Started

Ready to take what you’ve learned and start recruiting? That’s where Tallo comes in. We’re the premiere platform for finding and attracting early talent, high school, and college students who are preparing to enter the workforce so you can connect with them now.

Out of our nearly 2 million users, approximately 1 million of them will enter the workforce sometime between now and 2026. If you want to win this talent, now is the time to reach out.