Tallo Offers
$1000 Scholarships
Every Month

Tallo believes in helping students do what they love, and that’s why we offer  students $1000s in scholarships each month. And best of all, it’s probably the easiest scholarship you’ll ever have to apply for.


How to apply for our scholarships

We try to make applying for our scholarships easy. It’s a simple three-step process designed to help you brag a little bit about yourself, your classes, and the things you love and then gain access to thousands of scholarships on our platform and billions through our scholarship connections.

1. Create a profile.
2. Click “Opportunities” tab at the top of your profile.
3. Enter “Tallo” in the keyword field and apply!

Tip: If you just choose “scholarships” under your opportunity, you can find even more. You can also go to your “Dashboard” tab and view your scholarship matches through RedKite.

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