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Recruiters and College Admissions Officers

Student recruitment has never been easier for your Office of Admissions.

College admissions offices around the country turn to Tallo to connect with high school students. With Tallo, you can build your student pipeline faster and earlier with talented prospects who are interested in higher education opportunities.

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Recruit high school students earlier

Our pool of talented, diverse students is ready to connect with your admissions counselors. Using Tallo, you can make data-informed recruitment decisions while building and maintaining relationships with students around the country.

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Educate students about your academic programs

On Tallo, you can create a free college profile to show off your school, academic programming, extracurriculars, and more to prospective students. This allows you to focus more on student recruitment and less on brand awareness and education.

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Micro-target to meet your college admissions goals

Our student data can be honed to meet your specific goals, allowing you to target students down to their individual interests, organizations, and even test scores and soft skills. Plus, outreach is easy. Highlight the student and message them directly.

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Prioritize diversity and inclusion in your admissions process

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is important to every higher education institution’s goals. We prioritize diversity in our student population and include talented prospects from every race, creed, and gender.

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