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Tallo Assist Lets Our Team Identify & Engage Talent For You | Tallo

Put us to work.

With Tallo Assist we identify and engage talent for you. You know who you want. Let us find them.


How does it work?

Our engagement team knows Gen Z better than anyone. You tell them what opportunities you need to fill, and they’ll craft the messages, reach out to talent, and find the right fit.

Step 1


Tell us who you need.

Step 2


We find qualified applicants.

Step 3


We craft messaging and reach out to them.

Step 4


We share the results with you.

Technician Apprenticeship Application

Within 24 hours, there were:


qualified applicants



hired for the program

Results in days.

In the first week of your campaign, we’ll send you a report. Our team customizes every campaign to fit your needs, from brand awareness to direct recruitment, so we know you’ll love the results.

Ready to connect?

Schedule a time to chat with a member of our team. They can explain the finer points of how Tallo is changing the recruitment game.