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Eagles Economic Community Development Corporation – Eagle’s Economic Community Development Corporation’s (EECDC) mission is to provide educational and supportive services to middle and high school students to prepare them for college and their chosen career path. EECDC aims to align with the appropriate resources, corporate and educational partners, organizations and leaders to effectively 1) serve as a catalyst for socioeconomic development 2) provide job training, empowerment, and tangible goods to low-income families, and 3) unite the South Fulton community across all racial, religious and economic barriers.

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The award-winning South Fulton Arrow Youth Council provides an elite day school, after school and Summer program that supports student learning and success through our 21st-century leadership engagement training model known as the Arrow Leadership Institute. Formerly known as Project Halt.

A- Advocate- I am the voice of my generation 

R- Reformer- Facilitator of change through

R-Rigor- Critical thinker, creative and conscientiously pursuing and targeting

O- Opportunities for our generation to 

W- Win (Bullseye!)