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You’re dedicated to helping your clients find opportunities that advance their careers. But what about advancing your own career? With the Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) credential, you can show job seekers and employers that you have the proven skills and abilities needed to excel in your role. 

Whether you’re new to workforce development or you’re an expert in the field, earning your CWDP credential can speak volumes about you as a career development professional and the organizations you serve. What is the CWDP credential and how do you earn your certification? Sit tight. We’re answering all your questions about the CWDP credential.


What Is the Certified Workforce Development Professional?

The Certified Workforce Development Professional, or CWDP, is a nationally recognized and portable credential developed by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), the largest organization of workforce development professionals. The credential was established in 1999 as a way to highlight individuals in the field who show a high level of expertise across nine workforce competencies.

Why Become CWDP Certified?

Earning CWDP certification shows an ongoing commitment to professional development in the workforce development field. And this dedication doesn’t go unnoticed by employers. According to a NAWDP survey, eight in 10 of those making hiring, promotion, and salary decisions consider the CWDP credential to be a valuable tool of measurement.

The benefits of a CWDP credential go beyond raises and promotions. Here are a few additional reasons to earn your credential:

  • Quality Assurance – In this economy, organizations and businesses are looking for competent workforce development professionals who can help them develop a skilled labor force. A CWDP credential signals that you have the skills and expertise to help them succeed.
  • Portability – The CWDP is one of the few credentials in the workforce development arena that is portable. So, if you were to get a job opportunity in another state, the CWDP credential would carry it with you.
  • Opportunity – With a credential behind your name, you have more career opportunities in the field of workforce development. Additionally, more Request for Proposals (RFPs) call for credentialed staff as part of the bid process.

How Do You Attain the CWDP Credential?

The first step to earning a CWDP credential is to complete a CWDP application and an Experience form. The lengthy application form requires all applicants to sign a code of ethics and fill out sections describing their competencies in nine different areas. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

To be considered for CWDP designation, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be associated with a workforce association (not necessarily NAWDP)
  • Include references, one of which must be an immediate supervisor
  • Show competency in nine areas (see next section) 

You also need to meet the minimum education/experience requirements, which follow a sliding scale:

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What Are the Nine Competencies?

In your CWDP application, you will be asked to describe your expertise in the following nine competencies:

  1. Business and Economic Development Intelligence
  2. Career Development Principles
  3. Collaboration and Problem Solving
  4. Customer Service Methodology
  5. Diversity in Workforce Development 
  6. Labor Market Information and Intelligence
  7. Principles of Communication
  8. Program Implementation Principles and Strategies 
  9. Workforce Development Structure, Policies, and Programs

How Much Does the CWDP Cost?

The cost of the CWDP credential is $75.00 for NAWDP members and $175.00 for non-NAWDP members. If you are applying for NAWDP membership, you can submit your membership application along with your CWDP application for $150.

How Long Is the CWDP Good for?

Your CWDP credential is valid for three years from the time you receive the award. To avoid losing CWDP certification, the NAWDP advises credential holders to re-apply for re-certification before the date of expiration. They also recommend collecting the information you need for re-certification immediately after becoming certified. 

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Driving Opportunity through CWDP Certification

Credentials are critical for career advancement, whether it’s your own career or the careers of the people you serve. With a Certified Workforce Development Professional credential, you can demonstrate that you have what it takes to boost an organization’s impact and help build a better workforce for tomorrow. 

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