engineer apprenticeships everything you need to know

Engineer Apprenticeships: Everything You Need to Know

If you were to look up the best careers for the future or the highest-paying jobs, an engineering profession is bound to make the list every single time. And honestly, it makes perfect sense: Engineers often earn the big bucks for their big ideas and big knowledge. They make the world a better place with their BEE—big engineering energy.

But contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to become a successful engineer. Engineering apprenticeships offer an alternative career path for budding engineers who may not be ready to drop tens of thousands of dollars to get their engineering degree.

What is an engineering apprenticeship and why should you consider it? Tallo is here to tell you everything you need to know about engineering apprenticeships.


What Is an Engineering Apprenticeship?

Engineering apprenticeships are programs that provide apprentices with the opportunity to gain the specific knowledge, skills, and experience they need to turn their dream of becoming an engineer into a reality. This is typically accomplished through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. 

Similar to degree-holding engineers, engineer apprentices may use math and science principles to do their jobs effectively. So, if you’re currently in high school, be sure to take as many math and science courses as you can to prepare!

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Benefits of Engineering Apprenticeships 

What are the benefits of engineering apprenticeships? Ah, we’re so glad you asked. Here are a few perks of apprenticeships that are super underrated, if you ask us.

  • Earn a Steady Paycheck – Want to start working ASAP? Apprentices are considered full-time employees, so you get paid right off the bat. And as you gain more skills in your field, your wages can go up.
  • No Degree Necessary – College is a pretty expensive option these days. Although one could argue that many engineering degrees are well worth the steep cost, engineering apprenticeships offer high school students a more affordable career pathway to becoming an engineer.
  • Debt-Free Education In many engineering apprenticeships, apprentices can earn college credit towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, paving the way for a debt-free education. This can also open doors to many bachelor’s degree jobs that would otherwise not be available to apprentices.
  • Teamwork and Support – As an engineering apprentice, you’ll work closely with your peers and employer from day one. This can lead to close relationships with your team and a supportive atmosphere that helps you grow and learn.

Engineering Apprenticeship Examples

There are many different branches of engineering—each consisting of its own subdisciplines. In other words, you have lots of career options. 

engineering career options quoteIf you’re thinking about becoming an engineering apprentice, here are a few different careers that you can pursue through apprenticeship.

  • Civil Engineering Technician 
  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Software Engineer 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technician 
  • Operating Engineer 
  • Mechanical Apprentice 

Basic Engineering Apprenticeship Requirements

Good news: You don’t need to have any prior job experience to score an engineering apprenticeship (woohoo!). Many engineering apprenticeships simply ask that you show proof of your age (be 16 years or older) and have a high school diploma or its equivalency (GED). 

Some engineering apprenticeships may have unique requirements. They may want to see that you’ve completed relevant high school coursework or have participated in a STEM-related activity, such as high school robotics. 

How Do I Find Engineering Apprenticeships?

Debt-free career, solid paycheck, well-paying job — sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? But how do you find one of these amazing opportunities? 

We may be a little biased, but one of the best ways to find apprenticeships is through Tallo. It’s really easy! Just create your free Tallo profile, share a little about yourself, and we’ll connect you with the best opportunities that align with your skills and interests. 

engineering apprenticeship paid skills quoteSTEM companies such as Lockheed Martin are using Tallo to connect with opportunity-seekers who want to do big things, just like you. What are you waiting for? Let us help you get found!

Launch Your Engineering Career Through Apprenticeship

An engineering apprenticeship is an exciting and affordable way to launch your engineering career after high school. With an apprenticeship, you can get paid to learn valuable skills, all while potentially working towards your degree. 

Oh, and one last tip — be cautious. Some companies that hire apprentices may not be formally registered with the government, so be sure to do your homework before you apply for an apprenticeship.

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