Introducing Tallo Community

We are excited to introduce Tallo Community! The Community is where Tallo users like you can ask questions and get answers about school and next steps in your academic and career paths from other Tallo members. It’s also where you can advise others who may need some help.

So, what exactly is it?

You probably have a question or two like: “What’s the best way to study for the SAT/ACT?” “What are the best technical colleges for the trade I want to pursue?” “Which jobs match my skill set and interests?” and “How do I write a cover letter?”

From high schoolers to college students, to young professionals and graduate students, Tallo Community is a place for all of Tallo’s incredible users to come together and mentor each other. You can interact on as many threads in as many topics as you please, and gain points and information along the way. We can’t wait to see what happens! 


Why we created Tallo Community.

We created Tallo Community to bridge the gap between your aspirations and educational and career opportunities. We want to help you get to wherever it is you want to go with real-world advice from relevant peer and professional mentors. Whether you’re exploring community college, technical school, university, or the workforce as your next step, the Community is here to help!

We also wanted to provide our Tallo users with a place to go to connect with, empower, and encourage each other. As the only place on the Tallo platform where users can engage with one another, we have crafted it to be a positive and encouraging resource for everyone to use on their education or career path! 


What does Tallo Community mean for you?

Tallo Community means that we now have a place for all of our Tallo users to gather, learn, connect, and grow. But what would a platform like this be without a little fun?! 

Tallo users can earn points towards becoming a top influencer by asking or responding to questions about your next steps, responding to other users’ questions, and sharing life experiences. The more you participate in the Community, the more points you earn—all while giving back to other Tallo Community members. Top influencers have shot at winning prizes such as Amazon gift cards and t-shirts!


How to Get Started 

The mission of the Tallo Community is to empower and connect you to other Tallo talent and talent seekers and support you on your journey to individual academic and career success. To help the Community best support your goals, focus on education and career-related questions, topics, and advice. 

  • Ask a question: Be as specific as possible. The more context you give the better the Community can support you. If you want to know recommendations about the best Architecture schools in Southern California then ask and let the Community share its knowledge!
  • Start a new discussion: What’s an education or career topic you’d like to hear other Tallo talent and industry professionals weigh in on? You are starting the conversation so kick it off with your thoughts on the topic and ask others to weigh in. 
  • Be a mentor and advise on questions and discussion you resonate with: Tallo students and professionals in the workforce are posting questions and topics that they are looking for insight on. If you’ve already been in their shoes and have some experience then jump in and let them know what you’ve learned and lend a helping hand. This helps more than you can imagine and in the Tallo Community, you have the potential to impact thousands of lives just by responding and offering your advice. 

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