Add Tallo to your classroom.

Tallo helps students age 13 and up build a professional online presence, identify a career path, and make meaningful connections earlier. Tallo is student-driven and dedicated to user privacy and security.

Schools and organizations use our platform to mentor students as they develop their career interests, and stay connected to them once they move on to their next step.  Tallo helps educators guide students to connections with local and national colleges, companies, scholarships, and more.

There’s an opportunity for everyone on Tallo. 

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Finally, a place where your students can share their accomplishments...

Tallo connects students with up to $20B in scholarships and posts new scholarships every month for students to apply to.

With Tallo, students can create an online, digital portfolio that highlights their accomplishments, test scores, projects and more.

Students can discover themselves and set goals for the future—whether it’s a 2- or 4-year college or technical program.

Tallo connects students with companies, colleges and organizations to help them take the next step toward their dream job.

And educators and schools can see it.

Schools and educators can access analytical data that helps you understand your students’ interests and more.

Through Tallo, educators and schools can see longitudinal data—letting you follow your students’ progress long after they’ve left the classroom.

Tallo provides classroom resources and lesson plans to help integrate the benefits of the platform into your students’ learning.

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Meet with our Education team to learn more about Tallo. Our Education Coordinator, Emily, will sit down and show you the ins and outs of Tallo.


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Every month, we offer webinars that help teach you how Tallo can benefit your school and classroom. To join us, simply register for the webinar of your choice and look for the calendar invite in your email!

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Meet with our Education team to learn more about Tallo. Our Education Coordinator, Emily, will sit down and show you the ins and outs of Tallo.

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There are two ways to join Tallo:

As a school
or educator

Access to Tallo allows teachers to mentor current students and schools to access longitudinal alumni tracking, population data and analytics, and school opportunities and scholarship postings. For upgraded access, schedule a demo today.

As a student
or adult learner

To get started, visit and click Sign Up. Then, choose “I’m talent” and sign up with a personal email address. This ensures you can access Tallo after graduation. Enter the information and click Create Your Account.

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