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What’s your next step? The new Stride K12-Powered Alumni Services Network has ideas. Learn more.

What’s your next step? The new Stride K12-Powered Alumni Services Network has ideas. Learn more.

Stride invites you to join Tallo!

Stride is proud to partner with Tallo to connect students from Stride-powered schools with opportunities! Tallo helps you with finding career pathways, applying to internships, matching with up to $20 billion in scholarships, and connecting with colleges and companies looking for talent.

Through Tallo, students from Stride-powered schools also have the opportunity to apply for unique, Stride-specific scholarships, internship opportunities, events, and earn badges for recognition and accomplishments.

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Important Resources for Students from Stride-Powered Schools

Here, you can find everything you need to build a rockstar profile and use Tallo to apply for internships, scholarships, competitive events and so much more.

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Everything comes back to learners. And not just the 56.6 million K–12 students — the 331 million Americans. Learning never stops. It’s the best means of growth throughout your life. But learning simply cannot be one-size-fits-all.

No. At Stride, we’re leading enormous and necessary change in a sector that’s left far too many behind. And it’s required us to challenge long-accepted beliefs and practices. With insight and input from learners, parents, school districts, boards of education, and policymakers, we continue to provide more effective ways to learn — focusing on building the skills and confidence learners need to make their way forward in life.