Find Your Organization’s Future

Find, Engage, and Recruit your future workforce with Tallo’s pool of nearly 2 million motivated, passionate young people.

Recruit the Future

Tallo’s Powerful Platform Helps you Recruit Talent at Scale

Your customized Tallo interface allows you to find, connect with, and engage talent—while monitoring and analyzing your progress and ROI. Here’s a few features:

The Best Talent Search, Anywhere

Tallo’s talent search allows you to directly micro-target and connect with talent based on your specific needs and opportunities.

Enhanced Engagement

New in-app tools allow for increased engagement in activities and offerings, giving you more reach and ensuring you stay top-of-mind.

Detailed Analytics Tools

Improved Analytics give you valuable insights, allowing you to track your ROI and progress over time.

Trusted By:

Fortune 500 companies, class-leading schools, and pioneering workforce organizations trust Tallo to provide them with talent.

Tallo is For:

Workforce Initiatives

Tallo’s powerful digital connection platform builds the connective tissue for industry and talent in your area.

Colleges & Universities

Engage, track, and recruit students*, create and promote opportunities, from ages 13+ to beyond graduation.

Enterprise Companies

Tallo creates active connections with your future workforce through early recruitment and brand-awareness efforts.

Data and Insights

Four Keys to Attracting Talent

Looking to attract early talent? In The Early Talent Playbook, we lay out the four key things that you can do to connect to a new generation of talent.

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Dissecting the Data

What do students want out of higher education? Where do students want to live after graduation? Tallo’s immense dataset gives you access to these valuable insights and more.

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Tallo Helps You:

Actively Find Qualified Candidates

It’s not enough to passively wait for candidates to find you. Tallo’s advanced search capabilities help you find and connect with the right candidates.

Generate a Reliable Talent Pipeline

Tallo helps form relationships with talent from as young as 13 and onward through college, giving you brand-awareness as well as a reliable pipeline of talent that doesn’t age out.

Achieve DEI & CSR Goals

Tallo’s talent population is 53% female and includes over 500K that have identity as a racial or ethnic minority.

Promote Brand Awareness

Engaging talent in a meaningful way early in life helps create lasting brand awareness that persists through college and as they enter the workforce.

We’re the early talent experts, just ask our partners

"Our partnership has been phenomenal in that Tallo helps us promote existing products and opportunities in a space where we can meet and engage with early talent where they are at but then also help us promote into a new audience that we cant necessarily get to on our traditional channels.”

– Griffin Reome

“In a competitive market, if you’re waiting to have conversations with early talent after they’ve graduated college, it’s probably too late in the game. Staying ahead of the competition means beginning dialogue early on in the process and, for us, that means helping students understand what opportunities we have that they may not be aware of or even have in their line of sight.”

– Nicole Moses-Milner

“To fuel the future of Blackbaud’s workforce and accomplish our vision of building a better world, we work with Tallo to help identify and connect with a stable, sustainable, and diverse talent pipeline.”

– Peggy Anderson

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Enterprise Companies, Workforce Initiatives, & Colleges:

Find your organization’s Future

Find, Engage, and Recruit your future workforce with Tallo’s pool of nearly 2M motivated, passionate young people.

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