Competition Details

Win up to $2,500 in a virtual video competition celebrating the environment

How to Participate

Follow the steps below to participate in the Create an Earth Day Awareness Ad Competition.

1. Complete competition registration.

2. Complete the “Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising” learning pathway.

3. Create and produce a 30-45 second Earth Day interactive 3D ad in Unreal Engine and upload your final work to Tallo. 

Image courtesy of Andrew Svanberg Hamilton

Competition Guidelines

Below are the competition guidelines for the Create an Earth Day Awareness Ad Competition. Please review carefully.

Any submission design 

  • Must be your own original work
  • Must not contain any content that is obscene or offensive
  • Must contain high resolution files that can easily be viewed by our judges

Submission Components

All final submission items will be collected in the application hosted on Tallo. Both Tallo and Unreal Engine are free to use.

  • Complete the “Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising” online course and upload the course completion badge to your Tallo profile
  • Create a 30-45 second video virtual ad using Unreal Engine (Video must be rendered in Unreal Engine)
  • Documentation: Rendering Out Cinematic Movies: How to render out your cinematic sequences to a saved movie file on your computer
  • Post video to YouTube (can be unlisted/private) and add the YouTube url in the application
  • Submit relevant planning documents, including:
    • One-page narrative or script (submitted as .pdf)
    • Storyboard (submitted as .jpg)
  • Include at least one screenshot showing the project in Unreal Engine (submit as .jpg or .png)
  • Credit/cite all resources used (websites, documents, images, etc.). If submitting as a team, include credits for any team members involved and roles played by each team member. (submit as .pdf)
  • Individual student submissions may be submitted by the student. For all team submissions, only one individual is allowed to submit it on behalf of the team, indicating team members who meet the required guidelines

How to share files

All links to Google, DropBox, OneDrive Folders, or similar file-sharing folders must give permission to Tallo to view the document, image, folder, etc. Please double check all permission settings of links. Submissions with locked permissions will be considered incomplete entries.

All entries must be submitted by Monday, April 12 @ 8:59 PM PST/11:59 PM EST

Judge Information

A judging committee from industry and education leaders has been created to evaluate the submissions based upon a rubric (see evaluation criteria). The individuals serving on the Judging Committee have volunteered their time to support this effort. 

The Judges on the Committee are:

Chun Lim – Motion Graphics Designer, Immortals Gaming Club
Desmond Marzette – Creative Director, Creative Arts Agency
Jay Brooker – Head of Content Creation, BUCK
Jennifer George – Rube Goldberg, CEO
Patrick Perkins – Head of Marketing, Qualcomm
Seanne Winslow – Creative Producer (Sherlock & The Lego Movie)

Special Guest Judge from Epic Games

Image courtesy of Andrew Svanberg Hamilton

Evaluation Criteria

Our committee will review submissions based on the following criteria: 

(Rubric scale is 1-5, each category weighted at 25%)

Clarity of Message
Does the advertisement provide a clear impactful message that inspires the viewer to action?

Skills of Unreal Engine
How well did you design and conceptualize your submission and incorporate the tools and techniques learned through Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising?

How creative and unique is your submission? How innovative were you in aligning the techniques with impact?

Connection / Application
Does your submission meet all the criteria to accomplish the challenge? Did you include supplemental materials to support your work? Have you made an appropriate connection to the field of advertising through your submission?

Ready to Participate?