Competitive Employer & Industry Interest Report

Tallo surveyed over 29,000 Gen Z high school and college students to understand the top companies they want to work for. The data tool below will allow you to view the top 5 company interests based on industry, career interest, gender, ethnicity, education level, and location.

Generation Z: What's Different?

Here’s what to consider when recruiting Gen Z.

Why Recruit

Diversity & Inclusion


want you to ask

88% agree that it’s important that potential employers ask people about their preferred gender pronouns. But only 18% of Gen Z respondents have been asked for their preferred gender pronouns. Learn more.

When To Recruit

Early & Often | High School


decide early

70% decide on their future employer in high school or early college. 74% indicate they would be more inclined to work for an employer if they connected with them prior to looking for a job.

How To Recruit

Targeted Information


want more info

75% of talent would change their mind about a future employer if provided more information through employer connection, informative webinars and/or a Q&A session. Learn more.

Explore the Data

Tallo platform data: Tallo has over 1.4 million talent users. Our user population includes talent in middle school or high school (47%) and post high school (53%). Tallo talent is represented in all 50 states and all data is self-reported.
Student Survey: This survey was conducted by Tallo between Nov, 3rd 2020 and December 31st 2020 and produced 29,640 respondents. Tallo users that responded to this survey indicated an interest in obtaining a scholarship and have reported to be a current high school or college student in the United States.
Data Analysis: We leverage our platform to supplement survey data with data attributes that talent self-reports on their user profile including gender, race/ethnicity, and geography. Our survey responses are intended to be as inclusive as possible. This survey data was combined with a modeled estimate of national geographic, education level and demographics to create an “enhanced snapshot” of current conditions. With our calculated margin of error, we can assume the survey respondents represent 95% of high school and college students in the United States.

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