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General Questions

What is Tallo?

Tallo (formerly STEM Premier) is an online platform that connects talent with opportunities. The Tallo app assists students in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. Students (ages 13+) and professionals showcase their skills and abilities in their online profile, connect directly with companies and colleges looking for the next generation of talent, and match with over $20 billion in scholarships.

How does it work?

Talent (students and professionals) create free digital profiles to showcase their talents, discover resources and scholarships, receive guidance and coaching, and connect with colleges and companies. Talent seekers (verified colleges and companies) can view student profiles, micro-target with specific search filters, track top-level analytics, and recruit candidates directly via internal messaging.

Is it free?

Yes! Students’ profiles are completely free, and getting started is free for colleges and companies.

Is it just for a specific age group?

No. Anyone ages 13 and up can use Tallo.

Is it secure?

Yes. Tallo is committed to protecting students’ privacy and provides a safe, secure user experience. Learn more in our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

How do you protect my data?

The Tallo platform prioritizes safety and security.

• Tallo users are entirely in control
of what personal information they choose to add to the Tallo platform.
• Tallo is a closed network.
Unlike social networking platforms, Tallo users cannot view other users’ profiles. Similarly, a user’s profile cannot be accessed via search engines.
• We do not sell personal data to third parties
for their direct marketing purposes.
• All companies, colleges, and organizations on Tallo are verified
by a member of the Tallo team.
Tallo only provides access to user profiles to those companies, colleges, and organizations that sign agreements with Tallo ensuring they use the user information for proper purposes.
Tallo utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the platform’s data and follows best practices for creating and maintaining an AWS infrastructure.
Tallo reviews for vulnerabilities internally periodically and when major infrastructure or software changes are being made.
Tallo follows standard industry guidelines when reviewing and testing code before each release of production code.
All passwords are encrypted before being stored in the database. Tallo data is encrypted at rest within the AWS RDS platform. Tallo passwords are also encrypted with a one-way hash before being stored.

What kind of colleges and businesses use Tallo?

All kinds! Colleges and companies, both large and small, are all looking to engage the next generation of talent. Learn more about what colleges and companies say about Tallo here.

Are colleges and companies verified?

Yes. Colleges and companies must have an authentic D-U-N-S number to become a Tallo organization. They must then be independently verified by Tallo before their accounts are activated.

Student Questions

How do students sign up?

It’s easy. Simply click the Sign Up button at the top of the page to register.

What are students able to showcase on their profile?

Students are able to showcase almost anything on their digital profiles: courses taken, grades, test scores, credentials, interests, experience, extracurriculars, college interest, videos, files, and more.

Can students use their profile anywhere?

Yes, students can take their profile anywhere on any mobile device. Once they download the Tallo app, they can send and receive direct messages from colleges and companies anywhere they go. Students can share their profile via email invitation to colleges and companies to review outside of Tallo, and can invite parents and mentors to provide feedback on their profiles.

Do students receive guidance and coaching?

Absolutely. Every student’s dashboard provides and individualized guidance console. We take the information on a student’s profile — such as interests and test scores  — and offer specific comparative data, college major and career suggestions, and more. Students can also search for scholarships, find helpful tools and tips, and view college and company profiles that match their interests.

College and Company Questions

How does a college or company use Tallo?

Colleges and companies use Tallo to search for, identify, and connect with emerging talent from anywhere in the country.

Can an organization promote their school or business?

Yes. A free Tallo Profile allows colleges and companies to share more about their programs and provide contact information. Upgrade to Tallo Connect to message students and recruit applicants nationwide. Tallo students can view college and company profiles within the platform.

How does a college or company search for talent and receive analytics?

Colleges and companies can micro-target talent using a variety of search filters. They can even save searches and track students longitudinally to see how they develop, and to make sure they are a good fit. We break down your talent data by geographic location, gender ratio, GPA, test scores, skills, interests, and more. Colleges and companies must upgrade to Tallo Connect to gain access to the talent database and analytics. Contact us for pricing at for pricing.

How does a college or company get started?

Get in touch with us! Click here to schedule a quick demo.