Fundraising Through Job Placement

Finding early talent for local jobs and entry-level job programs can be hard to scale for employers. Tallo has aligned the hiring goals with fundraising for student programs.  

More Trips, Less Stress

Need new uniforms? Need to fund part of the choir trip to Disney? Tallo can help your team raise more cash by connecting students with jobs!  

close up shop of a person holding a phone with a QR code for Tallo Job Promoter on the screen

Earn Referrals

Employers are used to paying a referral fee for job placement. Tallo has automated that process for employers. The referral fee comes back to the organizations that helps their students get jobs.

Get Started

  1. Toggle “Fundraising” on to your High School’s or District’s Tallo Opportunity Board – don’t have a Board yet? Start here.  
  2. Recruit local employers to post their Opportunities on your Board – forward them this link to track the listings for payment  
  3. Employers fill out the listing – and the referral fee amount  
  4. Opportunities are posted on your Opportunity Board – and flagged in Green as a fundraising opportunity.  
  5. We’ll track the results for you – employers will send $$ to the school for the specific organization  

Employers, Curious?

Want to leverage the power of social referrals? Learn more about how to become part of this rewarding program.


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Student Orgs and Fundraising Programs

If you’re student Org wants to raise money for equipment or a trip, you can sign up your group here. That referral cash will go to the student org. We can help you create your own local Opportunity Board.

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