Find answers to your frequently asked Ping questions.

We get it—you’re interested in Ping by Tallo, but you have questions. We’ve compiled some of our most popular FAQs to ensure you get the answers you need, when you need them. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out.

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1. How is PING different from other virtual events?

Three big differences:
1. Time to setup – We made it VERY easy to onboard.
2. Less booth time – PING does not have a chat feature. You’ll send connections and continue the conversation in your email. That means you can come and go as you please, instead of “manning the chatroom” all day.
2. Matching – Establishing points of mutual interest helps you start better conversations.

2. What does the time commitment look like for colleges and companies?

PING events can last from 12 to 48 hours, but you won’t be there for most of it. Log in when it fits your schedule and send Pings to new matches. No more sitting around waiting for chats to come in. We’ll send you updates hourly including contact info for all the students who Pinged you that hour, so you can email them directly.

3. How many students are at each fair?

This can vary drastically based on the event. If you’d like to know more or have any questions, email and ask about the event you’re considering.

4. Are students/users able to join any events they choose?

Yes, they are. We strongly encourage students to attend the fair that is the best fit for them to make real connections.

5. Am I able to sign up on the day of the event?

We could say yes, but don’t procrastinate. Anticipation is half the fun. We also highly recommend that Talent Seekers (colleges and companies) enter the event at least a day before. That way you won’t miss a moment of engagement.

6. How do talent seekers (colleges/companies) get started?

Head to and find the fair you want to join! After you pay for an event, we’ll set up your profile and send an invitation to the email you provide.

7. How much time does it take to make a profile for a college/company?

We make it easy. Count on spending about 20 minutes answering basic questions about your organization and talent you hope to recruit. We’ll make sure you’re profile looks and sounds great.

8. What do colleges/companies need to make a great profile?

You’ll want to have your organization’s website for potential recruits. Video content is optional but encouraged. We allow one clip that is less than 30 seconds long and one that is less than 2 minutes (We currently support MP4 uploads, but our staff can help you convert a public YouTube clip.)

9. How many users are able to help edit a college/company profile?

Company and college accounts always tie back to one email address and password combination. Multiple users can log in using the same credentials, but we’ve all seen what too many cooks can do to a kitchen.

10. What can colleges/companies expect before, during, and after the event?

After payment or your written commitment to participate in a fair, we will create an account for you and invite you to the event. If you already have an account, we’ll notify you once you’ve been invited to the new event. You will be able to complete the onboarding questions for that event at your leisure any time before the day of the fair. When the fair begins we will show you ALL the students at the fair and how well your answers matched with theirs. You’ll then be able to choose who you want to send pings to. You’ll also start receiving pings from talent users via batched emails. After the event, depending on your sponsorship level, you will receive an export of fair attendees’ contact information.

11. What can students and professionals expect before, during, and after the event?

PING is simple. Before the event, you’ll answer a few questions. We’ll make matches for you behind the scenes. On the day of the event, we’ll show you ALL the schools or companies at the fair and how well you match up with each of them. Use the SEND PING button to let those schools know you want to exchange some emails and get to know them better.

12. How do I communicate in the app?

It’s as easy as sending a Ping! tap the SEND PING button on a match card and we’ll text them your email address in a pre-written message. They’ll be sending you Pings as well. Our app starts the conversation, where it goes from there is up to you.

13. Who will students and professionals match with?

We match you with all the schools or companies that chose to attend the event. Sometimes you’ll see 50 schools/companies, other times it may be much smaller, but we’ll always show your match score for everyone at the fair.

14. What is an average match score or considered a good match?

We consider 70% and above to be a pretty good match. Similarly, 30% and below may not be a great use of your time. You can always use the Reasons Matched button to decide whether or not to start a conversation.

15. What information about event attendees will colleges/companies be able to see?

You’ll be able to see the reasons you matched with each Talent member at the event, your overall match score with them, whether or not they’ve indicated an interest in your school. Talent can choose to upload resumes, profile pictures, and introduction videos, all of which you’ll be able to see.

16. What data will talent seekers (colleges/companies) get as a result?

The contact exports are dependent on price. Ping by Tallo tracks a wealth of user data, and we surface as much of it as our event hosts would like.

17. Are there permission levels allowing one person to handle the profile while another team handles the survey?

Not at this time.

18. How many questions are event hosts able to ask in the survey?

We limit our onboarding experiences to a 12-question max. This allows us to create an enjoyably quick experience but still make great matches.

19. How customizable are the event questions, i.e. could we include a yes/no or short answer if it fit the event format?

To keep the PING by Tallo experience fast and light, we’re limited to multiple-choice questions at this time. We’re considering different question types in the future and welcome any feedback.

20. Does PING plan to include session options or a more robust video tool that allows exhibitors to become more dynamic?

We’re exploring new connection behaviors in future rounds of development and welcome all feedback on this feature.

21. What is the difference between PING's mobile and computer experience and is there a preferred option?

PING by Tallo runs on any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). For now, it looks best on a phone but works on any device you’d like to use.

22. Is PING by Tallo developing Android and iOS apps?

PING by Tallo works on every major mobile web browser. Feel free to log in via on any device.

23. What is the difference between Tallo and PING by Tallo?

Tallo never sleeps. We’re always sending you new opportunities based on your interests and qualifications. PING by Tallo creates a moment of connectivity, unlike any job board or profile. It creates a one-day opportunity to start real conversations with motivated people.

24. How does PING by Tallo tie into Tallo?

There is no “physical” tie between the two apps at this time. We can always tap into the Tallo talent pool (over 1 million users!) to help publicize our events, but data is not shared between the two apps.

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